Saturday, September 10, 2016

12 Months - Happy Birthday Skye!

Happy birthday our precious baby girl...

Things we don't want to forget about this adorable stage you're in:

  • You sneakily climb everything. We caught you scaling Finn's steps that he uses in the see you standing and reaching for things on the counter was quite a shock, lol. When we put Finn to bed, you've started crawling away to his toy fish tank sitting on his play table, and last night after singing a song to Finn I glance over and you're sitting on top of the table to look at the fish. . . :D
  • Love how when you're excited to see your brother or one of your little friends, you crouch down behind them and lean your head to the side to get in their face, usually followed by a squeak. It's probably one of my favorite things you's ridiculously cute.
  • Your favorite toy car from Finn's car stash is the purple shiny one.
  • You can eat as much as your 3 1/2 year old brother! (yeah, he kinda eats like a bird, but still...)
  • When you get sassy, you curl your tongue. Usually it's when you aren't getting your way and you can swat or pull mama's hair in the process. :D
  • Our nicknames for you...tulip, tulip tree, Skye pie, tootsie pop
  • Mama's songs that she makes up for you (sung to the tune of Barbara Manatee...) "Oh my tulip tree! You're the one for me. Made from up above. You're the one I love." 
  • How you hold on to my hair when nursing or falling asleep on my shoulder
  • How much you giggle when daddy tosses you in the air
  • How you still have no teeth. We're just soaking up that gummy smile, and the freedom to not get bit whenever we have to fish something out of your mouth. :))

On her actual birthday, I took off work and we all spent the day together.  We started with a doughnut.

Which she destroyed and practically had to have a bath afterward. After that we headed to the mall so I could buy her her first pair of real shoes. She also was graced with the goodness of chick-fil-a for the first time. It's safe to say that she can eat more than her brother. Get it girrrrl.

We then headed to a new bounce place. Well new to us. It was fun. Lots of kids because it was a hurricane day (some people get snow days, we get hurricane days) but it was fun. Skye loved the little house with a door. And her and I later went into a little bounce "house" which she giggled as she kept falling all over the place.

Finn was running around while Robbie kept his eye on him. He looked to the be the sweatiest kid in the place. :D

That evening we had pizza, which Skye inhaled. (please be my good eater!)

I can't believe she's one. I definitely thought back to our first day(s) together. Getting to know each other and falling into a rhythm at home. With all of the hard work that goes into the every day, I'm in love with this girl and so thankful she is in my life.

Happy birthday baby girl. We love, love, love you.

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  1. I'm very late in seeing this post but oh my goodness she is absolutely precious! <3 I love how you capture her and the day you had. So sweet :)



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