Sunday, October 30, 2016

Skye's Birthday Party

A little late of a post but here's baby girl's first birthday party.

For her party I decided on a few reusable and free decorations to be the feature. First ordered this cute "happy birthday" garland from Land of Nod. It's a thick glittery paper so I'm hoping to use this over and over again. I then made that pink dot garland by punching out the pink dots and then threading them with a needle and thread. It now hangs in Skye's room above a painting. I'm a big fan of garland, especially in kid's rooms. Finn has one with a whole bunch of colors and it's just feels fun. And the best part? Free.

My only other purchase, besides the food, was this adorable cake stand. I'm finding that I love to bake. There's something that makes me feel so "mommy" when I bake for my babes. And I just find it enjoyable. I made these banana cupcakes. I really made them because 1. I made them for Finn's first birthday (tradition?), and 2. I had old bananas. :D They were tasty. I bought these cake toppers from Land of Nod. Loved the little birds and it made me think of my friend which is where Skye's middle name came from. 

I then dipped some pretzels in white chocolate and sprinkles. That was a total last minute thing but it actually was suuuuper easy. And made cookies the previous night.

The baby girl was in good spirits but I knew she needed to nap. She just refused to earlier that day. She ended up falling asleep on Rob's shoulder while we all had lunch. He then laid her in the crib and she slept for an hour and a half! Hah. Our guests were practically held hostage. :D

Once she woke up, we did presents and cake. She was very interested in her presents. Finn too. He was sweetly given a few gifts to buffer his first "it's not my birthday" experience. He did alright, but had to be talked to a little. :)

We're so thankful for a year with this little girl. Who sleeps through the night mostly. She's a gift to our family. Truly. Thankful for all my family and friends who love on this girl (and Finn!) like their own. It is such a gift to us as well. 

Happy first birthday, Skye!!

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