Hi there! Lisa here. And that's my husband, Rob. Welcome to my blog of randomness. I started out this blog to document all the various happenings in our lives and home, yet somehow it's turned into a therapeutic outlet for me. I like to keep it real on here and document how our journey is going, and to be able to count all the blessings God has given.

Our latest "happening" is our newest addition to our family, our sweet baby boy, Finn. Love this kid. He shows up from time to time on this blog, ha ha, maybe a little more than that. We're soaking up each moment with him and loving it. Definitely partaking in the adventures of being a new mama, but it's absolutely awesome. Hard sometimes? Sure, but I love the selflessness and humility it continues to teach me.

I'm also a major fan of decorating/sprucing up our home. It doesn't happen as fast as my sometimes lack of patience would like, but I realize it's an ongoing journey.

We moved into our ranch home three years ago. It was a blank canvas. All white walls and just screaming for someone to make it their own. Well I should say it's still screaming. Sometimes I have to put earplugs in my ears, it's so loud. Lot's of blank walls and untouched spots, but that's the fun part, right?

Rob is admittedly not into the whole decorating/remodel/DIY trend. If it weren't for me I'm pretty sure he would be perfectly content living in a house painted entirely gray with probably nothing on the walls. But I know he appreciates my little tweaks I do around the house, and sometimes he even gets pumped up and comes up with some seriously genius ideas.

One of the other things I want to mention is that I've been a reader of some really great blogs and would sometimes find myself comparing my life to theirs. Comparing, comparing...it can be an ongoing battle for some of us. I just want to encourage that each of our lives are special and unique. Just wanted to throw in that disclaimer.

Cherishing each day. Thanks for reading! <3


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